End to End Exercise Support

ASI’s turnkey solutions provide continuity of support across exercise cycles to optimize readiness generation for our customers.

  • Planning

    ASI specializes in tailored scenario development, planning, and performance metric development to meet customer objectives and provide data-driven performance and readiness insights.

  • Execution

    ASI's team of Weapon School instructors and technical analysts ensure every facet of live and virtual execution is seamlessly integrated to deliver on customer objectives.

  • Debrief

    ASI NextGen Analytics platform seamlessly captures and integrates multi-modal and spectrum participant data to assess execution performance against customer objectives.


ASI Exercise Facilitation

Introducing ASI's NextGen solutions, which transcend the conventional After-Action Report, offering a comprehensive suite of capabilities. Our approach includes advanced Data Capture mechanisms, Root Cause and Gap Analysis, as well as cutting-edge Proprietary Analytics. With a diverse range of Training Solution Products, ASI provides a holistic framework for enhancing organizational preparedness.

Our proprietary analytics play a pivotal role in identifying and analyzing gaps, seamlessly integrating training solutions across various exercises. This strategic integration ensures that ASI's continuity becomes a driving force in increasing readiness for future events. Explore the power of ASI's NextGen solutions, designed to elevate your organization's performance beyond traditional boundaries.

ASI Exercise Support

ASI Exercise Support is characterized by the expertise of our subject matter experts (SMEs) who play a pivotal role in facilitating and leading high-end live training events. These events include the dynamic scenarios of Northern Lightning at Volk Combat Readiness Training Center (Volk CRTC), the precision-driven Checkered Flag exercises, the strategic challenges posed by Black Flag, and the comprehensive ShOC Capstone exercises.

ASI's commitment to excellence is exemplified through the active participation and guidance of our SMEs, ensuring that each training event is a valuable and impactful experience for all participants.