The ASI Accelerator (A²)

ASI partners with government, elite academic institutions, and industry to accelerate the development and delivery of technologies for Operators.

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  • TEAM ASI Delivers Tomorrow's Innovations to Operators Today

  • The Accelerator is integrating best-of-breed AI/ML algorithms to accelerate operational decision speed in contested multi-spectrum environments.

    ASI is leveraging AI, tactical expertise, and technology integration experience to develop advanced multi-spectrum readiness generation and optimization tools for DoD.

    Team ASI is partnering with elite academic institutions to develop the next generation of autonomous vehicles to enhance multi-domain agility and redefine the landscape of autonomous systems.

Recent Successes

ASI developed Elite, a high-powered, rugged, and mobile multi-spectrum training solution that provides comprehensive operator training across all levels of the DoD. Developed by ASI through the SBIR program, it has seamlessly transitioned to the market. Its success is marked by rapid integration with 4th and 5th-generation platforms and special operations, ensuring the delivery of advanced training to operators today.

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Mobile Communications offers a forward-deployable, resilient mobile communication and data suite, optimized for dynamic operations at the tactical edge. ASI is partnering with government, ensuring operators receive real-time, multi-modal data for a tactical advantage around the world. ASI is developing the next generation of tactical communication for denied environments. Partner with us to bring Tomorrow's Innovations to Today's Warfighters

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Preparing for Today and the Future

Our approach is dual-faceted—we prepare operators for current challenges while forecasting and developing solutions for future conflicts to ensure customers stay ahead of potential adversaries.

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