DoD's Go to CJADC2 Partner

Team ASI is a technical and tactical operational integration leader for CJADC2 initiatives across the DoD. Whether facilitating service-level exercises, teaching, or defining future requirements, Team ASI supports the full portfolio of Electronic Warfare, Cyber, Advanced Battle Management, Long-Range Kill Chains, Networked Fires, and Space capabilities to ensure DoD customers are ready for any warfare environment.

Delivering Distributed C2 Support for A Tactical Edge

ASI is a trusted partner in developing and implementing DoD's cutting-edge Distributed Command and Control (C2) architecture. Team ASI's unique position is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2) operations by delivering expertise that is accelerating readiness and innovation to ensure tactical superiority.

Team ASI's CJADC2 Core Focus Areas

Development of Distributed Command and Control Architecture: ASI is committed to ensuring DoD has the most robust, agile, and adaptable Distributed C2 systems to meet the needs of modern warfare.

Operational Readiness for Networked Long-Range Kill Chains and Fires: Team ASI technical and tactical solutions are ensuring that DoD operators possess the tools and training to seamlessly effectuate networked long-range kill chains and fires in any combat environment.

Preparing for Today and the Future

Our approach is dual-faceted—we prepare operators for current challenges while forecasting and developing solutions for future conflicts to ensure customers stay ahead of potential adversaries.

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