Electronic Warfare Integration and Analysis

ASI's team, a unique blend of tactical and technical experts, provides Electronic Warfare (EW) clients with unmatched support in developing EW targeting schemas, designing systems for waveform development, assessing EW capabilities across Joint Services, and conducting electronic operations globally. Dominate the spectrum with ASI.

Multi-Spectrum Kill Web Design

ASI's proprietary Time-to-Effect (TTE) EW effects design and experts, recognized by the DoD as leaders in EW and integrated kill chain design, make ASI the go-to partner for developing, integrating, and advancing capabilities in complex multi-spectrum operations. 


The Expendable Low-cost Integrated Training Emitter (ELITE) is a system designed by the Electronic Warfare experts and former weapons and tactics instructors at ASI to provide the only low-cost and expendable end-to-end kill chain training target.

Preparing for Today and the Future

Our approach is dual-faceted—we prepare operators for current challenges while forecasting and developing solutions for future conflicts to ensure customers stay ahead of potential adversaries.

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