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Agility at the Tactical Edge

OSA’s global solution architecture can serve as a critical technical link to accelerate CJADC2 kill chain integration across platforms, operators, and systems. Team OSA solution architecture can provide DoD's Replicator Program an advantage of asymmetric weapons capability through speed, scale, and connectivity.

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Optimized Readiness Generation

OSA is building an Operator informed platform capable of seamless integration of multi-spectrum and multi-modal data to optimize resource deployment to accelerate readiness and provide combat decision tools.

Optimized Readiness Solutions

OSA's NextGen readiness solution streamlines performance assessment and training resource management to optimize and normalize readiness across deployment cycles. Experience the future of optimized readiness generation with OSA's purpose-built training solution. Contact us for more information

Our Solutions Incorporate Cutting Edge Technology

OSA's solutions are at the forefront of technology, featuring a platform-agnostic microservices architecture, tailored Business Intelligence platforms, and streamlined Data and Workflow Orchestration. Experience the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics and advanced AI models, including Time Series ML, DNNs, and GBMs. Our foundational LLMs cater specifically to National Security use cases, ensuring cutting-edge technology tailored to your operational needs. OSA recognizes that raw data is a cost, and insights provide a strategic and tactical edge.

Our Solutions are Built with Industry Best Practices

Our solutions are crafted with top-tier industry practices, ensuring excellence in every aspect:

Built with a "Secure by Design" philosophy, we integrate DevSecOps, MLOps, DataOps, and LLMOps. Embrace the agility of our Agile Software Development methodologies and the efficiency of CI/CD processes. Our commitment to excellence continues with Continuous Monitoring and Improvement, robust DR/BCP strategies, and comprehensive User Training and Access Controls.

Explore a technological landscape where security, agility, and user-centric practices converge seamlessly, defining the benchmark for industry-leading solutions.

Preparing for Today and the Future

Our approach is dual-faceted—we prepare operators for current challenges while forecasting and developing solutions for future conflicts to ensure customers stay ahead of potential adversaries.

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